H.A. Kuehlem Survey Company

The H.A. Kuehlem Survey Company was established in 1982 by Henry A. Kuehlem, Registered Professional Land Surveyor No. 4020, in San Antonio, Texas.  The majority of survey work performed from 1982 until 1989 was boundary surveys with a large percentage of Right of Way Widening Surveys for the Bexar County Public Works Department.  Since 1982, Right of Way Surveys and Digital Terrain Models of roadways totaling over one hundred twenty (120) miles have been completed. In 1989, after obtaining a Professional Surveying Services Contract with the Texas Department of Transportation, projects for Right of Way Surveys and GPS Surveys for Photogrammetric Control have been performed over the District 15 area.

Also, in 1989, Henry A, Kuehlem acquired the ownership of Adams Land Survey Company, a land surveying firm established in San Antonio by the late Mr. James C. Adams in 1921.  Although based in San Antonio, Adams Land Survey Company performed surveys of farms and ranches in numerous central and south Texas counties.  Surveying land in San Antonio and Bexar County virtually since the “horse and buggy days” has created an extensive amount of records including subdivision plats, town sites, field books, field note descriptions and original surveys, from single lots to ranches containing thousands of acres.

Having been employed by Adams Land Survey Company from 1972-1977 as a draftsman and remaining associated with the Company for 12 years to follow, Mr. Kuehlem acquired ownership of the Company in February, 1989.

Over the past several years Mr. Kuehlem has been involved in the technology of Global Positioning Systems (G.P.S.).  The use of GPS equipment in land surveying has increased rapidly and GPS is now being used on a daily basis for surveying applications.